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Teens Discuss Well-being Issues  |  Where is my AFAP Issue?


The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) may be your answer. The AFAP is an Army-wide initiative to identify issues of concern to improve the overall Quality of Life for Soldiers and their Families. This process is used to identify the most critical well-being issues facing the Army today and present them to senior Army leadership for resolution.


Issues are collected at the installation level and divided into specific areas such as Medical/ Dental, Benefits, and Installation. Delegates are made up of Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, Retirees, DA Civilians, Family Members, and surviving spouses from Fort Bragg.


Delegates review and prioritize issues which are presented to the Garrison Commander at a brief-out session on the third day of the conference. Issues that are able to be resolved at the local level are worked until deemed complete or unattainable. Issues that are beyond the scope of Fort Bragg are forwarded to the next level at Forces Command. Issues not resolved at FORSCOM may be sent To DA for inclusion into the AFAP process. Those issues at DA are reviewed and worked by the General Officer Steering Committee (GOSC) until completion.


Examples of Army-wide AFAP success stories:

  • Service member’s Group Life Insurance increased from $50,000 to $200,000.
  • Soldiers may store a vehicle at government expense if PCs to location vehicle not allowed.
  • Thrift Savings Plan was authorized. 

Examples of Fort Bragg success stories:

  • Dedicated left hand turn lanes added at Knox/Honeycutt intersection to allow traffic to flow more smoothly.
  • Fort Bragg Airborne Attic provides all E4 and below Soldiers and Families with free household goods was established.
  • Accommodations are available in Guest Housing for Families with cats and dogs. 


If you want to submit and issue, fill out the online AFAP Issue Form.


If interested in volunteering for the conference staff positions, please contact the AFAP Program Manager, (910) 396-4447.

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