Family Advocacy (FAP)

Phone:  (910) 396-5521
Location:  Soldier Support Center
3rd Floor – Bldg. 4-2843
Normandy Drive, Fort Bragg (map)
Hours:  Mon – Fri, 8 am – 5 pm


Domestic Violence Child Abuse

Sexual Assault Prevention/Response  New Parent Support



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PRIVATE HELP! If you have questions, call us! If you are concerned about your privacy you don’t have to give your name. You don’t even have to want Fort Bragg services, we will still help!


To report suspected abuse: 

The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) outlined in AR 608-18, is committed to family life and the needs of spouses, children, and Soldiers. Fort Bragg has policies for the handling and investigation reported incidents of child/spouse abuse cases.


FOR PARENTS We have a service called the New Parent Support Program that provides a lot of help to new or expecting parents that includes free nurse home visits, great play times and workshops for Families.


FOR VICTIMS OF PARTNER ABUSE AND SEXUAL ASSAULT We offer 24 hour/7 help to victims through our Victim Advocate Program, and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program.


GREAT CLASSES! We have over 20 workshops on many topics including self defense, marriage, parenting and divorce (Free childcare for parents to attend): 

Register online for a Family Advocacy Program or

New Parent Support Program Class.


Services Provided: Assistance is available if you or someone you know is experiencing violence in the home (child or spouse abuse). The FAP Coordinator provides information and assistance in reporting cases of abuse and making referrals for those in need of emergency shelter, medical assistance, and /or counseling.


Identification: To identify Soldiers and family members who are involved in child abuse or neglect and/or spouse abuse.


Prevention: To encourage self-referral as the primary way a family gets the help it needs. The program’s emphasis is on strengthening families and keeping them together, rather than on punishment. Family members are encouraged to seek help when they recognize warning signs that indicate they may be mistreating their children or failing to communicate effectively with their spouses.  View Prevention/Outreach Program Brochure


Education: To encourage all people to be alert and to report a situation dangerous or harmful to a child, and to educate community members on reporting suspected child maltreatment and spouse abuse.


Classes: Parenting (all ages), Stress Management, Anger Management, Couples Communication, Life Choices for Teens, Co-Parenting Children of Divorce and Custody.


Treatment: To provide referrals for individual, martial, & family counseling; including the use of appropriate child management techniques, and how to improve couples communication skills.


Victim Advocates: Provide assistance to victims of domestic violence to include information on obtaining restraining orders, accompanying a victim to court, & information/referral to appropriate agencies.


Please call (910) 396-5521 to contact a Victim Advocate or contact the Domestic Violence Hotline (24 hours a day) (910) 322-3418.


Additional Family Resources:


Marriage and Family counseling

Parenting Classes (All Ages)
Family Advocacy Program (910) 396-5521
New Parent Support Program (910) 396-7951


Marital Enrichment Classes
Family Advocacy Program (910) 396-5521
Watters Family Life Center (910) 396-6564



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