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Access to Fort Bragg

All registered athletes wearing a race bib on course will be granted access to Fort Bragg during their marathon & half marathon races.

If you’re not a DOD ID card holder & wish to enter Fort Bragg before March 22, 2015, you must go through the AIE pass process below.

Personnel without valid Department of Defense issued identification requesting access to the Fort Bragg Military Reservation to participate in or view the All American Marathon on March 22, 2015 are highly encouraged to apply in advance for an Automated Installation Entry (AIE) pass for the day of the marathon. AIE passes can be obtained at the All American Welcome Center which is open 24/7 and is located at the All American Freeway Access Control Point (ACP).

If you have questions about the AIE process please visit the FAQ page at or contact us!


RACE DAY March 22, 2015: Special Event Access

On the day of the marathon those who have not applied for, or received an AIE pass will be directed to the All American ACP, the Randolph ACP (Randolph St and Bragg Blvd), or the Knox Street ACP (only authorized entry point for vendors and commercial vehicles) they will be subject to a vehicle and contents inspection before being granted access on post.  It is highly recommended that plenty of time be allowed as traffic may become congested.

Make sure to:

  • Carry your valid government photo ID such as a drivers license
  • Have the current registration for any vehicle entering Fort Bragg
  • Be prepared for a vehicle inspection before post access is granted at the ACP

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