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Phone: (910) 396-8110/1278

Location: 4th Floor Soldier Support Center
Bldg 4-2843 Normandy Dr.
Fort Bragg, NC 28310
Hours: Mon – Fri, 8:30 am – 5 pm

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sas logoOutreach Services offers a variety of programs including Central Enrollment, Babysitter Referral, Special Needs Accommodation Process (SNAP), Volunteer Child Care in a Unit Setting (VCCUS), On Site Child Care, Fort Bragg Boy and Girl Scouts, National Visiting Youth Program, Parents as Teachers, and Fort Bragg Juvenile Justice Coordinator.


Parent Central Services (910) 396-8110


Parent Central Services offers a one stop shop for registration, babysitter referral, parent education services, as well as referral lists for off-post child care centers, providers, and baby sitters.




Special Needs Accomodation Process (SNAP) (910) 396-5128


Special Needs Accommodation Process (SNAP)

  • Address needs of children with allergies, asthma, heart murmurs, developmental delays and educational needs
  • Programs and services within Child, Youth and School Services
  • Appropriate placement after SNAP evaluation
  • Establish goals to help meet developmental milestones



Volunteer Child Care in a Unit Setting 396-8110/4481


Volunteer Child Care in a Unit Setting (VCCUS) provides occasional short-term child care at no cost for unit family members and private organizations during activities involving family support groups, spouse meetings and special unit functions.


Unit setting is defined as any facility space utilized for a unit family member support group or other group comprised of spouses and family members or members of a military organizational unit for an official group meeting, workshop or social function.


Reciprocal VCCUS is an arrangement in which family members from one unit provide VCCUS for family members of another unit on a mutually beneficial reciprocal basis.


Any unit/organization wishing to establish VCCUS for their unit must contact the Outreach Services Director at least two weeks prior to the child care session.  The OS Director implement orientation training for unit volunteers and, at a minimum will address the following topics: VCCUS SOP, health and safety standards and procedures (both related to facility space and care giving activities), child growth and development, age appropriate activities, and equipment, toy lending library access, communications with CDS and reporting as required, and child abuse and neglect identification, prevention and reporting.  The OS Director will coordinate with fire, safety and health components to ensure facility is suitable for child care.




On Site Child Care at Maholic CDC


Visit our Deployment Resources page for more information.




National Visiting Youth Program 396-1270/5128


National Visiting Youth Program offers opportunities for nationally recognized youth groups such as Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, 4-H Clubs, and church groups to visit Fort Bragg. Tours are designed to offer youth and their leaders the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the goals, customs, and traditions of the Army.




Fort Bragg Boy and Girl Scouts 396-1270/5128


Call our Liaison for on-post scouting activities for Area 33 Girl Scouts of the United States and Tuocs District Boy Scouts.




Army Child Care in Your Neighborhood 396-8110/5128


Army Child Care in Your Neighborhood is a referral program to assist families with placement on and off the installation.



Juvenile Rehabilitation 396-1270


The Fort Bragg Juvenile Rehabilitation Board (JRB) applies to juvenile family members who have been charged for crimes committed or misconduct on Fort Bragg.  It is designed to protect the best interests of both the juvenile and the Fort Bragg community.


Rehabilitation includes but is not limited to counseling, education, community service, restitution, and administrative sanctions. 



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