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We are currently looking for interested contractors to teach youth in the following:  Baking and Culinary.  If you are interested, please call the SKIES Unlimited Instructional Program Specialist, Paul Driessen at (910) 643-6039.

Enrollment is ongoing for all school-year classes in SKIESUnlimited.


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SKIES Unlimited is the framework for the Army’s Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS) instructional program for youth of military and DoD civilians. Classes are designed to complement and support the experiences children and youth have in Army CYSS and in schools.


Children and youth may choose from several classes offered by the School of Arts, School of Sports, School of Life Skills and School of Academic Skills. Instructional programs teach children discipline, problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution, game rules social etiquette and subject matter content. Most classes will be held at the Tolson Youth Activity Center. Children need to be registered with the Child, Youth & School Services.


Interest List

  • Modeling/Self Awareness/Esteem Building
    Would your daughter benefit from delving into esteem building exercises, boosting confidence as an individual and as a member of a team as she becomes more and more in tune with her strengths and weaknesses?  This new SKIESUnlimited program may be just for you.  A local professional model/actress/director and fashion show coordinator is interested in sharing some of life’s secrets that she has learned throughout her career.  Classes would center on her inner beauty, wellness, personal growth, character development and proper etiquette for business and social gatherings.  These classes will be eligible as a FREE Army Family Covenant option to qualifying youth.  If you would be interested in registering your daughter on an interest list for such an opportunity, please let us know,either via email or by phone.
  • SKIESUnlimited Instructors Wanted!
    SKIESUnlimited is looking to enhance our life skills program by adding instructional classes in sewing, quilting, cross stitch, embroidery, or any other kind of needlework.  If you or anyone that you know are interested in broadening the skills of our military youth, please email us directly.  Please include your name and cell phone number so that we can discuss the possibilities further.  Classes could be created to meet 60- to 90-minutes per week during the academic school year or during the summer in a 5-day 3-hours per day camp.  Faculty would be volunteer, contractor or possibly employee.








  • More to come at a later date.



Babysitter Certification Course

The babysitting course will familiarize teens with the responsibility of babysitting. It will provide the necessary information for them to become capable, caring, trustworthy, and responsible sitters. They will be taught the skills and techniques needed so that the teens are confident in handling situations that could happen when they babysit. The course will also prepare the teens in the business aspects of babysitting. Youth will also earn certification in First Aid and CPR using 4-H curriculum. This course uses RealCare digital babies that teens will bring home overnight. If you would be interested in registering your child for this service, please register your child at




Break Dancing
(School Year)


Class Descriptions

  • BBABY (ages 2-5) is a fun and imaginative class that introduces children to fundamentals of breaking! Children groove to classic Hip Hop beats in an old school cypher atmosphere!
  • YOUNG BREAKER (ages 6+) is an introductory class for youth under 10 years old. This jam-packed class introduces the basic breaking fundamental techniques such as top rock, freezes and footwork.  Students learn Hip Hop history and terminology.
  • YOUNG POPPER (ages 6+) is an introductory class that focuses on the illusionary and funky dance styles of popping. Students learn to quickly contract and relax muscles to create jerking techniques such as robot, waving, and tutting.
  • HIP HOP (ages 6+) focuses on the introductory style of Hip Hop street dance.  Students learn choreography using funky and age appropriate music.



Dance  (School Year)


 Erika’s Dance Academy



Class Descriptions Download Dance Class Descriptions – printable version (.pdf)

  • All Pre-Dance Classes build on the creative movement idea with basic ballet, tap, or jazz moves introduced in “fun way”. Students will also learn the discipline of staying in line and working together as groups, as well as developing the patience for “take your turn time” each week. Dancers will begin to learn correct terminology of the steps and be encouraged to practice at home. Classes focus on building the students attention span and motor skills as we begin to practice new steps and combinations! Skills for balance and coordination will be our focus while building self-esteem and confidence.
    Attire: See Ballet, Tap or Jazz classes
  • Pre-Jazz This is an energetic class that will include stretching and cardiovascular warm ups with basic body isolations and coordination exercises using upbeat and popular music.
    Attire: Hair in bun or pony tail, solid leotard, dance pants or shorts, and black jazz shoes
  • Creative Movement Classes consist of a series of games, music, stories, and activities that will help develop gross motor skills, coordination, rhythm, while keeping learning fun. Students will also get to practice appropriate group interaction skills such as sharing, listening, and following direction.
    Attire: Hair in bun, solid color leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers
  • Ballet Classes are traditionally structured in with stretching, barre’ work, port de bras, adagio, pirouettes, and across the floor combinations. Grace, elegance, and discipline. These are just a few of the benefits from classical training. Our philosophy is to promote anatomically correct placement and alignment for each individual. Ballet is essential for any serious dance student.
    Attire: NO EXCEPTIONS! Hair in bun, solid color leotard, pink footed tights, pink leather or canvas ballet shoes, NO SKIRTS (Skirts tend to distract younger dancers from focusing on the technique.)
  • Combo Classes Allow students to sample different dance styles in a concentrated amount of time.
    Attire: Hair in bun or ponytail, solid color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. If class includes jazz or tap. Black tap shoes (preferably buckle not tie) black jazz shoes (slip on preferred)
  • Tap Classes teach students to use their feet as a rhythmical instrument. Syncopation, musicality, and a variety of step styles are taught.
    Attire: Hair in bun or pony tail, solid leotard, tan tights, dance shorts are permitted over leotard or dance pants, black tap shoes (preferably buckle, not tie)
  • Jazz Classes will include warm ups focusing on technique, followed by across the floor skills.
    Attire: Hair in bun or pony tail, solid leotard, tan tights, black dance pants or shorts, black jazz shoes
  • Princess Ballet Princess Ballet class is a standard Ballet class with a twist. The basic ballet fundamentals will be the focus of the class however, the dance attire for this class is all Princess! This ballet class will get to learn all their ballet steps in princess attire. (For example Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Sophia the First, etc..) Special appearance by their very own Fairy God Mother at the end of every month, who brings along with her a fairy surprise enchantment box, that all the princess ballerina’s get to pick out a special gift.
    Attire: No Exceptions! Hair in Bun, any kind of princess dress either store bought or you can be creative and make your own princess dress, pink footed tights, and either pink leather or canvas ballet slippers.
  • Hip Hop Popularized on music videos, students of the “street dancing” learn rhythm and style to today’s most popular music (age appropriate). This class is more funky and less technical than jazz.
    Attire: Hair in pony tail, stretchy street clothes or work out clothes, (NO JEANS), black hip hop sneakers
  • Lyrical Ballet This expressive and fluid dance style combines elements of both Ballet and Jazz. Emphasis is placed on expressing the lyrics and emotions of a song. It is highly recommended you take ballet at the same time.
    Attire: Hair in bun or pulled back out of face, solid color leotard, tan convertible or footless tights, nude foot undeez.
  • PomCheer/Hip Hop/Jazz Classes are a fusion of jazz and hip hop techniques along with learning basic cheer dance moves. This energetic class will consist of warm ups using body isolations and strengthening. Across the floor and center floor work, set to popular high energy music.
    Attire: Hair in pony tail, stretchy street clothes or work out clothes. (NO JEANS), black jazz shoes
  • Contemporary Contemporary dance is characterized by its versatility. Contemporary can be danced to almost any style of music, or united with other dance forms to create new styles of movement. Contemporary seeks to work with the natural alignment of the body and therefore safe and accessible for beginners. At the same time the ease of movement promoted by contemporary dance technique allows experienced dancers to push new boundaries of body movement.
    Attire: Hair pulled back or in bun, solid leotard or sports bras, tan footless or convertible tights, dance shorts, tan foot undeez.
  • Pointe Pointe is the most advanced form of classical ballet. Pointe dancers must be at least 10-12 years of age. Any students wanting to join must have Ms. Erika’s approval. This class is by invitation only.
    Attire: Hair pulled back or in bun, solid leotard pink tights, and pointe shoes.
  • Variation Ballet Our new ballet class is like nothing we have offered before! Dancers will not only get the chance to focus on the core fundamentals of a classical structured ballet class, but students who join this class will have the opportunity to learn the classics! Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, and Coppelia.
    Attire: Hair in bun, solid colored leotard, pink tights, and pink leather/canvas ballet slippers.


CDC Dance Program


Children enrolling in the CDC Dance program must be a full-time patron in the facility that they receive child care services. If a child is not enrolled in a CDC, they are not eligible to take classes at the CDC. For example, if a child attends Cook CDC, they cannot enroll in the Prager CDC class.


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Engineering with LEGO (School Year)


Power up your engineering skills with Play-Well TEKnologies and over 100,000 pieces of LEGO®! Apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through engineer-designed projects such as arch bridges, skyscrapers, motorized cars, and the Battletrack!


Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment. An experienced instructor will challenge new and returning students to engineer at the next level.




  • More to come at a later date.  Anticipated start date will be September 2015.



Gymnastics (School Year)

2-3 year olds “Parent & Me”

  • Classes meet one day per week for four (4) 30-minute classes per session.
  • Primary focus is warm-up, stretching and gross motor development through a playful environment.  Parents lead their children around an obstacle course spotting their child at each task.  The instructor teaches the parent proper spotting techniques and performance of each exercise on balance beams, bars, floor and trampoline.

4-5 year olds

  • Classes meet one day per week for four (4) 45-minute classes per session.  Children work on flexibility through stretching and proper warm-up progressing to floor, bars, beam, vault, and trampoline to reinforce techniques.

6+ year olds

  • Classes meet one day per week for four (4) 60-minute classes per session.  All students start in a Beginner class to develop their basic gymnastics skills and fundamentals.  Students may be invited to an Intermediate or Advanced class by the instructor as their individual skills progress.




Karate Karate Linden Oaks



Morning Karate Instruction Flyer


4-5 year olds

  • Classes meet either Mondays and Wednesdays with the first and third Fridays or Tuesdays and Thursdays with the second and fourth Fridays for ten (10) 45-minute classes per session/month.
  • Classes focus on stretching, discipline, conditioning and fundamentals.

6+ year olds

  • Classes meet either Mondays and Wednesdays with the first and third Fridays or Tuesdays and Thursdays with the second and fourth Fridays for ten (10)  60-minute classes per session/month.
  • Classes for beginning students with white and yellow belts.  Students learn fundamentals and basic moves incorporating katas, learning how to fall, and basic sparring techniques.  Alternate forms of martial arts are also taught to learn strengths and weaknesses of other forms of Karate.

Advanced Karate

  • Class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays with the second and fourth Fridays for ten (10) 60-minute classes per session/month.
  • Class is designed for Karate students with an Orange belt and above.  This class is by invitation only from the instructor (Sensei).  Students learn more advanced Karate techniques building on their basic skills; self discipline, practice, and conditioning are expected from advanced students.



Learn to Skate - Ice Skating

Group and private instruction offered at Cleland Multi-Purpose Sports Complex.  Instruction is offered by ISI and USFSA certified coaches in six-week semesters for developing figure skating and hockey skating skills. View Ice Skating Institute (ISI) skills sheet.

Whether you are looking to start a life-long recreational pursuit or refine your skills for competitions, we’ll help you put your best skate forward.

Read Recent Articles about the Learn to Skate program!



Lifeguard Certification

  • More to come at a later date.

American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification Course will be conducted in partnership with Fort Bragg Aquatics Branch.  Graduates will be certified in Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and Preventative Disease Transmission.


If you are interested in registering your child for this course, please register at




Music Together


Music Together™, the most loved early childhood music program, is an internationally recognized early childhood music and movement program for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and the adults who love them . As a condition of participation, each family must also purchase the semester curriculum package (1 book and 2 music CD’s) from the instructor at a cost not to exceed $40.





Instructor – Ms. Williams

Instructor  – Ms. Klimowicz



Lisa Williams, our Piano Instructor has been named Fort Bragg Teacher of the Year for
the Fort Bragg School District – 2016.  Click here for more.

The piano instructional program is designed for 6 year olds and above.  Classes meet one time per week for four (4) 30-minute classes per month/session.

Classes emphasize theory which will foster children being able to master music reading for all instruments.


An annual recital is conducted near the end of the academic school year for all participants in the piano instructional program.




Swim Program


CYSS is in partnership with the Aquatics Branch for the “Learn To Swim Program” (Summer Swimming Lessons).  


Registration will be done only at CYSS Parent Central Services (Bldg. 1-4157 Knox Street).


CYSS membership is required and patrons must present a valid ID card to register.


We recommend that CYSS membership is obtained prior to the session registration date in order to prevent delays.


Membership can be completed on the day of session registration however spaces will not be held for patrons missing information or not meeting registration requirements


We will be happy to schedule an appointment for patrons to complete membership prior to the session registration date however, no appointments will be accepted on the first day session registration dates and spaces will be sold on a first come first serve basis.


Session 3: July 13-23

  • Registration dates for session 3: June 29 – July 8

Please visit the Aquatics webpage for class descriptions/details.




Tutorial Assistance (School Year)


Certified teachers will conduct four (4) private 60-minute sessions per month. Students in 3rd-12th grades will receive help with study skills in subjects such as Science, Math and English.


Reading/English & Study Skills Tutorials





Students will work one-on-one with the instructor; focusing on goals and aspects of vocal technique which include, but not limited to:

  • Proper breath technique
  • Pitch/Tone
  • Blending vocal registers
  • Resonance
  • Mix/Belt
  • High notes
  • Phrasing/Diction

All lessons are tailored to each individual student’s style of choice, while nurturing their growth and enthusiasm for vocal arts.  Parents are encouraged to observe lessons to better help practice time at home.






CYS Registration Requirements:

  • Medical documentation and/or Individual Education Plan (IEP) for children with special needs
  • Legal/Official proof of child’s birth (i.e. passport, ID card, birth certificate)
  • Military or DoD ID card
  • Parents are required to attend an initial Parent Orientation, held at Tolson Youth Activities Center on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm. This is an annual requirement. In addition, we are also conducting a Parent Orientation at Morales SAS on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 5 pm, as a convenience for the Linden Oaks residents and surrounding community.



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