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This Pool is open to Pass Holders and their guests. Pass Holders must show their pass and ID card prior to use.

ADULT SUPERVISION: Any Pass Holder under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult guardian 18 years of age or older. Each adult Pass Holder may accompany a maximum of six (6) children at one time. (Special accommodation letter available for households with more than 6 children.) Pass Holders 7 and under must be within armís reach of an adult guardian 18 years of age or older at all times.

Pass Holders must accompany their guests to the pool. There is a four (4) guest per household limit. Guests are defined as persons who do not have ID Card. Pass Holders are responsible for the conduct of their guests.

Pass Holders and their guests must use the Pool in a safe manner.

DRESS: All patrons must wear swimsuits that are appropriate for public appearance, no thongs, sports bras, basketball shorts, underwear, cut offs or denim shorts. All suits must be lined. Children who are not potty-trained must wear swim diapers while in the pool.

Change diapers in the restrooms, not the pool area.

Patrons must use shower before entering the pool.

No food or drinks allowed within 10 feet of the pool. No glass or pottery-type containers allowed in the pool area.

Persons with skin disorders, bandages, open wounds, eye, nose or mouth discharge may be refused entrance to the facility.

The pool will be cleared periodically to allow for safety checks.

Absolutely no running, horseplay, diving, or obscene language permitted within the facility.

Inflatable rafts, water wings/floaties and toys are not permitted in the pool (Guidance from CDC).

Please see Facility Manager for detailed list of items permitted.

Young children may wear Coast Guard approved life vests in the pool. Children must be within armís reach of an adult guardian 18 years of age or older at all times.

Prolonged underwater breath-holding is strictly prohibited.

No pets allowed in the pool or pool area.

Pass Holders and their guests will not over-expose themselves to the sun.

The pool and pool area are off-limits when closed.

Lifeguards will be provided during posted hours and will have the authority to close the pool for weather or safety reasons. Pass Holders and their guests must comply with Lifeguards' instructions or face loss of use privileges.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the facility. Intoxicated patrons will be denied entry and asked to vacate the premises.

Lifeguards will be obeyed and shall have the authority to issue guidance on anything not covered in the Pool Rules/SOP.

Lifeguards and Management will monitor the number of residents allowed inside the pool area at any one time in order to stay within maximum capacity requirements. Access is granted on a first come, first served basis.

Pass Holders and their guests use the pool at their own risk.

No wet bathing suits are allowed in any MWR facility.

Patrons must use shower and toilet before entering the pool.

No diving from the side of the pool.

Use of dive blocks is only permitted during swimming lessons or swim team practice taught by a certified Water Safety Instructor or ASCA certified swim coach.

Children 13 and under are required to take a swim test before using diving boards or slides.